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Breast Lifting

Pregnancy, lactation, weight loss and the effect of time can cause breasts to lose elasticity and sag. Lifting operation aims to create more youthful and attractive breasts for a more pleasant appearance.

Does lifting pose an obstacle to pregnancy or breastfeeding?

It is possible to protect the milk ducts during the operation. Therefore, lifting operation does not constitute an obstacle to breastfeeding.

Will there be any trace after the lifting operation?

Trace may occur depending on the sagging of the breast. These traces become vague over time, even though they are apparent in the beginning.

When can I return to social life after the operation?

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and lasts for 2.5 hours. Patients stay in the hospital for one night after the operation and return to work within 3- 5 days.

Are the results of breast lifting permanent?

The breast may sag again for reasons such as birth, breastfeeding, time. One of the important points is that people avoid excessive weight gain and loss after the operation.

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