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Breast Reduction

Breasts that grow excessively can cause both aesthetic and physical discomfort in both men and women. The aim of the operation is to resolve the concerns and disturbances in this regard.

Is there an age limit for breast reduction operation?

For breast augmentation operations, the adolescence period must be finished and the development of the breast should be completed. After the age of 18-19, this surgery can be performed.

Does breast reduction pose an obstacle to pregnancy or breastfeeding?

In breast reduction operations, it is possible that milk ducts and nipples will be damaged while excess tissue is removed from the breast. This can be risky for breastfeeding action.

When can I return to social life after the operation?

People can usually stay one night in the hospital after the operation and return to work within a few days.

Are the results of breast reduction permanent?

The tissues extracted in the operation are not expected to grow again. Therefore, the results of breast reduction surgery are permanent.

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