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The effects of aging first appear on the face. Healthy eating, sports, adequate sleep, stress control and avoiding smoking, alcohol and sun slow down the pace of aging, but aging is inevitable. Facelift is one of the most important operations that makes a person age beautifully.

How is the operation performed?

Depending on the person's needs; it can be divided into 3 as upper face rejuvenation, midface rejuvenation, lower face and neck lifting. If this operation is combined with other aesthetic procedures, people will look even younger and more vibrant.

Is Facelift operation permanent?

The permanence of the surgery changes according to the technique used and the characteristics of the patient.

When can I return to social life after the operation?

After the operation, people stay in hospital for 1 day, can return to their daily life next day return to their jobs within 7 days.

Can you tell any incision marks?

Tiny incision marks not exceeding 1-2 centimeters are invisible as they will remain in the hair.

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