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Hair Transplantation

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Method Is Applied Under Local Anesthesia By Shingling And Transplanting The Hair Into The Channels In The Hirtellous Area Or Bald Patch. With FUE Method, Individual Follicular Units Containing 2 To 3 Hairs (Called As Grafts) Are Removed By Micro Punches Of Very Small Micro Blades Or Fine Needles Between 0.7mm And 1.0mm In Diameter From The “Donor Site”. Grafts Will Be Transplanted Into The Targeted Areas. The Amount Of Grafts Will Be Needed For The Patient Is Determined By The Surgeon During The Examination Before The Surgery.

How is hair transplantation with FUE method applied?

The first step of the treatment is the preparation for the operation. It takes approximately one hour to prepare the patient. Photos of the patient are taken; hair is shingled shorter than 1 millimeter and the targeted area is determined. Donor site anesthetized with local anesthetics. Hair follicles removed from the donor site and it takes approximately three hours. Removed follicles are soaked into a special solution which is +4 or +10 degree. Targeted transplantation area is anaesthetized and canals in which hair follicles will be placed are opened with the help of special grooving chisels. Open canals are filled with hair follicles and it takes three hours. The whole operation takes around six hours.

Who can have FUE hair transplant?

Each individual who do not have a serious health problem can receive this treatment. Type of your hair loss, your hair analysis and your donor site analysis will be made by your surgeon in order to determine your suitability to receive this operation.

What should the patient avoid before the hair transplantation with FUE method?

Blood thinners like aspirin, anti-depressant pills, painkillers, multivitamins involving vitamin E and vitamin B should not be taken and alcohol should not be used 3 days before the operation.

How long does it take the hair to grow after the surgery?

Transplanted hair follicles become strong in a week after the surgery. During this week the patient should carefully wash his head in order to clear the incrustations. Transplanted hair grows for two or three weeks and then they fall off. Transplanted follicles stay in their place. After a week, hair begins to grow again. Hair in the front area will grow in 6 or 8 months and hair in the top area will grow in 8 or 12 months.

Accordion TitleWill there be any scar after the hair transplantation with FUE method?

Scars and bald spots smaller than 1 millimeter can be formed on the donor site after this surgery. When the surrounding hair grow these spots will be invisible. Therefore hair transplantation with FUE method does not leave visible scars.

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