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Corneal tissue is the transparent and high-crushing texture at the front of the human eye. Thanks to the slope and transparency of the front surface, the rays parallel to the eye break and approach each other to merge on the retina and focus on the retina after passing through the eye lens. In other words, in order for the visual function to be realized successfully, the shape of the cornea must be smooth and its transparency must be maintained.

Corneal transplant (Keratoplasty) is the operation of removing the cornea tissue that has lost its transparency or that has been deformed and placing a healthy corneal tissue, which has been removed from the cadaver and prepared by cutting it with a suitable diameter. Corneal Transplant is the most performed and highest success rate tissue transplantation today.

Corneal tissue to be transplanted is obtained from Eye Banks, which are established in certain centers in our country. It is obtained from the United States in foreign patients.

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